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Here is where you can get information about every ministry or organization our church has a long-term relationship with and discover how you can contact each partner, or support them financially.

Click on any of the icons above to learn about any of our partners in that geographic area, how to contact them, or how to financially support them.

Click on any of the boxes below to learn how we develop our partnerships, and the different levels of partnerships.

Pastor of Global and Local Partnerships - John Winters

Associate Pastor of Global and Local Partnership - David Russell

Global Partnership Project Manager - Joan Whiteside

Local Partnership Project Manager - Debbie Hill

What’s A Focus Area?

A “Focus Area” is a specific area of the world where we have felt called by God to enter into and develop deep, long-term ministry relationships with people and purposes, where we are able to serve and encourage these local ministries significantly, with time, people, and financial resources. Some of our ministry to these areas is led primarily by church staff, and some by long-term, committed members of our church.

Because of our values of long-term commitment, and deep relationship and investment, we realize this limits the number of places and ministries we can be vested in at any given time. Periodically we will add a Focus Area, or another ministry partner in one of our current Focus Areas, but only after much prayer, and only if we feel we are stewarding well what God has already given us, and have the resources to add a new area.

Where Are Our Focus Areas?

We currently have five specific areas of the world we deeply serve and support.

East-Central Africa (Uganda, Zimbabwe)
Mexico (Tijuana)
Central Europe (England, Poland)
SE Asia

What About The Rest Of The World?

Many large churches (including ours) have tried to do a little bit for everyone, but found they had no deep relationships or fruit with anyone. In 2003 we felt God was calling us to better stewardship of the resources he had entrusted to us. This led us to identify 6 Missions Values we felt the Lord had called us to use to filter any decisions we made concerning our missions commitments.

One of the most difficult things in ministry is saying no to many things so we can say yes deeply to a few things. We have learned we must humbly acknowledge we cannot possibly meet every need and request that comes across our church’s path. And we must believe that just as God has led us to invest deeply in certain areas of the world, He will lead other churches to other places that are in dire need of Jesus.

What’s An Emerging Area?

An “Emerging Area” is a specific area of the world where we are prayerfully considering adding as a Focus Area. This process includes much prayer, and a number of visits to that area by leadership and members who have the potential to help us lead our ministry in that area should it become a Focus Area.

Because of the depth and length of any new commitment we enter into, the process of moving from an Emerging Area to a Focus Area can take a few years. It also involves some level of time and financial commitment from our church or members while in this process. But if an Emerging Area becomes a Focus Area, the ministry or ministries we develop relationships with there know they can count on us to be there for the long haul.

What About The Rest Of The World?

At one point in His ministry, Jesus shared: “I only do the things I see my Father doing”. Jesus was so attuned to what the Father was doing in the world, Jesus was able to discern “what the Father was doing”, and simply joined Him in that work! We desire to see what the Father has called our particular body of believers to do, and then join Him in that work. But how do we do this? We seek His face and His heart through prayer. We seek the counsel of godly men and women in our body. We look at what He is already doing in the midst of our body. There is not a formula or application process we use to discern where God calls us to go next, but we believe if we faithfully and humbly follow these scriptural principles, He will show us.

What’s An Other Area?

“Other Areas” are places where we have a ministry presence and/or relationship, but they are not categorized as an “Emerging” or “Focus” Area. (Some “Emerging” or “Focus” Areas actually became such by first being an “Other” Area.). “Other Areas” include:

  • Places we were connected to before we had Focus Areas. We feel God desires us to continue our relational and financial commitment with these areas as long as a reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationship exists.
  • Places where our members have had long-term investment and relationship. And even though our church might not be able to match our member’s investment and relationship, we still look for ways we can support and celebrate their work.

Where Are Our Other Areas?

We currently support people / works / ministries in two areas of the world that are not in either one of our Focus Areas or Emerging Areas.


Support For Fellowship Member To Other Areas

If you are an active member (attend Sunday service regularly and involved or serving in one other regular church event), we have a modest “scholarship fund” where we can provide between $250-$500 to help you go on a Non-Fellowship short-term trip (ie: a trip that is not sponsored/led by our staff or lay leadership). If you would like to see if this fund can help you on a trip, please complete this short questionnaire and follow the instructions included with the questionnaire. Funds are limited, so if you are going on a trip and you wish to apply, please do so as soon as possible.

Our Outreach Ministry is a channel for us to move beyond our four walls and into the community, to bless those who have needs that we are empowered to meet. 

Our vision is to see every member, family and small group at Fellowship Church connected with an outreach opportunity that matches their passions, gifts and availability. Whether you can free up a couple of days a year, one Saturday a month or a couple of hours every week, there is an opportunity for you to significantly touch Knoxville with the love of Jesus Christ. 

We believe in doing everything in the context of relationship: deeply and long-term.  Because of this value, we focus our outreach efforts with only a few external and internal ministries.  We also encourage our members to let our seasonal outreach events lead to regular commitments. We believe in doing everything in the context of serving others.  Because of this value, we always look at what we can do to support and lift up the ministries we serve, or to let the individuals we serve see their potential in Christ.  This also means we strive to adopt our methods of outreach to the people we serve, as oppossed to expecting them to adopt to our methods.

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